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March 10, 2012
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After the War of Hawthorne, the region became destitute. The people were left elated knowing they were rid of a ruler who was riddled with greed and inconsiderate motives. But the relieved people and their Pokémon began to see how the War had ravaged their economy and destroyed what little crops they had. Hope of a renewed Hawthorne began to melt away like snow on a spring morning.

Just as Hawthorne began to fall completely into disrepute, there came a sighting of the legendary Pokémon Ho-oh. The legends said that its feathers were thought to bring joy, and that all who saw it were to be eternally happy. Ho-oh travelled across the land, gracing it with its powers; hope and happiness quickly returned to Hawthorne once more. From this moment on, the people of Hawthorne began to worship Ho-oh, not as a God, but as a bringer of good fortune and joy.

Ho-oh travelled throughout Hawthorne, and took its peace in the region where the King had once lived. This region was once a beautiful, serene paradise, which was ravaged by the onslaught of war. Upon demonstrating its glory to all the citizens of Hawthorne, Ho-oh spread its wings, and its entire body began to disperse into flakes of ash. As a phoenix, Ho-oh is believed to live for hundreds of years. Once that life has been lived, it ignites fiercely and is reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix rises, reborn anew to live again. This time, Ho-oh did not rise from the ashes.

The Phoenix Rising

A myth known as the 'Phoenix Rising' tells of Ho-oh, and a vague history of its rebirth. It is said that Ho-oh presents itself to a remarkable Pokémon trainer or great ruler if they possess a certain item: the Stone of Rebirth.

The old, elemental stones have become extremely rare in their own right. They have unlimited value in Hawthorne, so are seldom held by ordinary people. Nine are believed to be stones of evolutionary power: Fire, Water, Grass, Thunder, Sun, Bright, Dusk, Dawn and Moon. The final stone is known to be much rarer, for it has a single purpose: to raise a Pokémon from its own ashes. This is the Stone of Rebirth.

Team Chance

A menacing group of individuals known as Team Chance have been spotted in Hawthorne, asking questions about Ho-oh, and have been seeking more knowledge of The Phoenix Rising. Team Chance is led by 'King', claiming to be a descendant of the old King of Hawthorne who was overthrown many years ago. Now, the supposed heir of the monarch takes pride in being known simply as King, and wishes to take the empty throne once more. He believes that with the Stone of Rebirth he will cause Ho-oh to bear witness to him, see his greatness and show the region that he is the great ruler that they deserve.

The Eight Guardians and Council of Oracles

The Eight Guardians are strong trainers who overlook the on-goings of the Hawthorne region. They each hold a badge representing the type of  Pokémon they hold. This was a system set up by the Oracles in hope that they will find the remarkable trainer able to resurrect Ho-oh. To obtain the chance to face the Oracles, a trainer must present these eight badges as evidence of their courage and strength.

The Council of Oracles are the five most powerful trainers in the whole of Hawthorne. Should any trainer wish to test themselves and defeat them, he or she would be known as the most powerful trainer in the region. However, since the Council's founding hundreds of years ago, no-one has ever defeated them. The Oracles come from five different families, and have done so since its inception. Led by the High Oracle Anastasia, they are the source of wise council in Hawthorne. The Oracles are also said to know information on the location of the Stone of Rebirth, and their ancestors first told the myth of the Phoenix Rising.

Let your journey begin…

However, every journey needs a path; the path you are going to take leads to the Hawthorne Pokémon League. To travel throughout Hawthorne, you must grow stronger and become more powerful. Eight Guardians and five Oracles stand before you. To ensure that you attain the title of the most powerful trainer in Hawthorne, you must defeat each of them in succession. Who knows where you will go after becoming Hawthorne's most powerful trainer?

After a visit to the Professor of Pokémon  Philosophy, located in Nocturne Town, you will receive your first Pokémon: a gift from Professor Signomi. With your father away at work, and Nocturne Town but a speck in your eye, where will you and your Pokémon end up?
Read about The War of Hawthorne. This is the storyline in my fan made game Pokémon: Phoenix Rising. 3 years I've been working on this game, and it has progressed a lot. I felt that the storyline and name needed to be more relevant. Enjoy!

Edit: Cleaned things up, partitioned them, and made everything easier to follow.
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SilverRio Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey Gav any ideas for another word for 'Council'? >.< I'm really having trouble finding one... I already searched Google for any but most of them just don't work out... Nice storyline,btw.
CallMeGav Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
assembly, board, body, brain trust, cabinet, chamber, clan, committee, conclave, confab, conference, congregation, congress, convention, convocation, diet, directorate, gang, gathering, governing body, groupthink, huddle, kitchen cabinet, meet, ministry, mob, official family, outfit, panel, parliament, powwow, ring, senate, synod
SilverRio Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow. That's a lot. o-o I think I'll go Chamber maybe...
flamemaster131 Mar 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
dangit, someone released it before me again. i was talking about the 8 gaurdians thing, i was gonna rename the gym leaders of my reigon that.
Rezfan Mar 12, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh gosh, thats exciting :'D I like the name "8 Guardians and The Council of the 5 Oracles"
This is amazing! Truly well written and thought out! I... cannot... wait... no... more :iconisadplz:
Well, thought I'd point out a few things. Hope you don't mind ;)

-''In history, it was said that its feathers are thought to bring joy.'' <-- Now I know this can work, grammatically, as a type of continuous past-present chain, but 'were' would

sound better and more appropriate than 'are' :D In my opinion anyway...

-''...and quickly hope and happiness began to grow in Hawthorne once more.'' <-- The structure seems a tad off. I think a comma after 'quickly' would do, or a re-phrasing to:

"and hope and happiness quickly began to grow in Hawthorne once more."

-"However, it was written that once Ho-oh had travelled throughout the land that it took its peace in the region where the King had once lived." <-- Uhm, is it just me, or is a word

missing here? Perhaps this was intended: "However, it was written that once Ho-oh had travelled throughout the land, it would take its peace in the region where the King had

once lived." I don't know...

-"...and once that time has been spent it ignites fiercely and is reduced to ashes..." <-- perhaps a comma after 'spent'?

-"It is said that Ho-oh presents itself to a remarkable trainer or to bear testimony to the greatness of a ruler." <-- Perhaps this was intended: "It is said that Ho-oh is to present

itself to a remarkable trainer or to bear testimony to the greatness of a ruler." ...

-"...greatness of a ruler. But only if they possess a certain item." <-- Gavin you amazing writer you, you know it's not a good idea to start a sentence with 'but' :D Authority says:

""While it is acceptable to use such conjunctions to start a sentence, you should still use them carefully and efficiently, else your text might become choppy."" I'd say a comma

after 'ruler' would do better, but it's up to you ;)

-"The great stones of old, nine believed to be stones of evolutionary power; Fire, Water, Grass, Thunder, Sun, Bright, Dusk, Dawn and Moon." <-- I'm not certain that this is a

100% correct structure for a sentence, but I don't know...

-"it crumbled into known as the Stone of Rebirth" <-- Comma after 'into'?

-"to take is that of hoping to take on the Hawthorne Pokemon League" <-- I think this would sound better, just my opinion: "to take is that of taking on the Hawthorne Pokemon


-"our hero will find more that a desire to travel" <-- I'm not sure if you meant 'than' rather than 'that'... Cause the word 'that' doesn't really provide a full meaning for the remainder

of the sentence.

-"A visit to the Professor of Pokémon Philosophy" <-- Ya'll got two spaces before 'Philosophy'. ;)

-"A gift from Professor. Signomi." <-- Ya'll got a period after 'Professor' ;)

-"Oracles in hope that they will find the remarkable trainer" <-- I think 'would' would work better than 'will'. I know 'would' decreases referral to the future, but it's more fitting to a

'past' hope into the future.

-"They are the source of wise council in the region. Led by the High Oracle Anastasia, they are the source of wise council in Hawthorne." <-- A kinda awkward repetition, don't

you think?

-"The council are also said to hold most knowledgeable source of information on the location of The Stone of Rebirth and it is their ancestors who wrote the myth of The

Phoenix Rising." <-- Perhaps you meant "to hold the most knowledgeable source of information", or maybe just "hold information on the location...", I don't know? Also, a

comma after 'Rebirth' would be best. One more thing, 'and it is their ancestors who wrote...", shouldn't the 'is' in there be a 'was'?

Anyway, I apologize if this is in anyway offending, cause that was not my intention. Just thought I'd point out what I found and thought were possibly errors. Again, this is an

amazing story-line, and I cannot wait to play this now :(
Oh, and sorry for the chopped up text, I copied'pasted this from notepad, and my browser sucks that way -___-
I had to read it twice to see that the Guardians are gym leaders and the Oracles are the E4. Nice! I also love the whole Ho-Oh thing and the connection between different regions. I'd love to see a Pokemon movie made from this plot ^^
I love the idea of the oracles and them being really powerful, I'm guessing their pokemon will be above Lv.80? Also, I had a thought, what if you gained levels along side your pokemon? I'm not sure how this would work, but something where as a trainer your,rank?, maybe goes up or something. Or as you win badges you gain titles?
CallMeGav Mar 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I could consider adding a sort of personal gain levelling system, it wouldn't be my priority right now, but I'll certainly give it thought.

As for their levels, well I need to beta test the entire game before I have an idea, but I imagine they'd be lower.
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